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Welcome To My Manifestation Miracle Review

Hey, Its Jaime here,

And you’re reading my uncensored honest review of what I really thought when I brought and read Manifestation Miracle.

Note – this is a review

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Why am I writing this review? Well, I am a massive self development student and as a result I love personal growth. But I know that there is a lot of bad quality and unhelpful information out there in the area of self development and this can make it difficult for people to know what to study when they genuinely want to improve their lives. So I wanted to give an honest review so people can gain insight into whether Manifestation Miracle is

1) Good Quality (Useful),

2) Will help them

3) Is right for them.

As we all have different needs when it comes to our own personal growth. But be warned, I’ll be giving both the good and the bad points, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now.

So what exactly is Heather Mathew’s Manifestation Miracle?

The Manifestation Miracle product comes in three main parts, first is the main Manifestation Miracle EBook (screenshot to the left) which begins with a powerful and thought provoking statement of what people’s biggest regret was in life, namely “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life that was true to myself, not the life that others expected of me” which sets the tone for the book and is what the
book is largely based upon.

The second part is the Abundance Success Workbook and third is the 2 mind tracks. One mind track is called ‘Wealth and Abundance’ which is a recording of wealth affirmations, particular designed for men and the other is called ‘Love and Happiness’ which includes affirmations based around self confidence and health, which is designed for women.

The main Manifestation Miracle EBook contains the following parts:

Part 1 – You Are Destined for Success

The first section discusses the main regret people have in life (as mentioned above) and encourages you to start seriously thinking about what it is you really want in life. It also gives advice of following your intuition to ensure you make the right choice which I found very helpful in my life now.

Part 2 – Getting In Tune with Your Personal Density

This part gets you to focus on the spiritual side of your personality and talks about the personal journey of growth you will be going on. Also it looks at the concept of Flow, which is when you are doing an activity and you are totally engrossed in it and time passes very quickly. This concept of Flow helped me understand what activates I really enjoyed and found most rewarding.

Part 3 – Raising the roof with your energetic vibration

This section is very practical in nature and includes specific techniques, helping get you to where you want to be. Techniques such as the use of affirmations, visualization (though the use of a vision board) and the practical application of gratitude.

Part 4 – The Happiness Factor

This part focuses on your overall happiness and talks about how happiness can only be obtained by living in the present moment and is aided by your own positive thinking.

Part 5 – The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

The final section gives a general summary of what has been discussed and emphasises the main point that when you’re on the right track via your personal tuning, manifestation happens quicker and easier in your life.

The Abundance Success Workbook (the second part of the course, screenshot to the right) is a very practical 3 week kick start program aimed at helping you apply the ideas contained in the Main Manifestation Miracle EBook. There are 4 exercises to be complete every day over the course of the 3 week period and 1 weekly task to be completed.

The weekly tasks are aimed at looking at all of the areas in your life and deciding what you wantin that area (e.g., Health, Relationship or Financial). Then looks at letting go of the non-essentialsin your life in order for you to give more attention to what you do want. And finally makes the suggestion of creating a vision board in order to become more focused on your goals (I made one myself and found it very helpful as it gives you a sort of ‘road map’ to go by and keeps you constantly focused on your goals).

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Here’s exactly how the ‘Tuning into Your Affirmations’ Exercise works:

One of the technique’s that is taught in the main EBook is an exercise called ‘Tuning into Your Affirmations’. This exercise involves using the mind tracks mentioned early, to first pick an area in your life that you want to improve. Then select the most relevant affirmation to your specific desire from the member’s area (screenshot below) and you’re told to listen to it 5 minutes a day for the next 60 – 90 days.

It explains this technique is used for the purpose of impressing your subconscious mind with the idea which will cause you to make choices and perform actions that are in line with the goal you have chosen. This technique is also used by many self development teachers and is referred to in some classic self development books, e.g. Chapter entitled ‘Auto Suggestion’ from Napoleon Hill’swork, Think and Grow Rich.

What are the BAD things about Heather’s Manifestation Miracle?

The exercises given, although they are practical, they can be a bit vague and can lack details such as how often and for how long you are suppose to do them. Also it lacks on content about the law ofattraction as it doesn’t mention it as often as you think it would. It can seem like it comes from the point of view that every detail of your mission on earth has beenpre planned. One quote from the book suggests “What will be, will be”, which could be taken as a  negative as it indirectly implies that our density is already set out for us and we have no choice
in the matter.
It can feel a bit repetitive as it refers a lot to the same topic or concept which is about been true to yourself, getting to know yourself and appreciating yourself for who you really are. This isn’t a bad thing but properly doesn’t need to be repeated so much.And what are the GOOD things about Manifestation Miracle?

When reading it feels like the author is talking directly to you and it has a very personalized or individual feel to it, saying you have a unique personal density to fulfil. It quotes Oprah as saying “She always knew that she had a calling” and the author encourages you to listen to your own calling in life.Short and easy to understand chapters ending with a practical exercise, making the EBook practical andeasy to follow, rather than just all theory.
Provides real life examples of people from the author’s own experience to back up the theory she is
teaching you.
Uses modern and proven techniques for exercises such as deep breathing, meditation, visualization and
Written in a very encouraging and positive style which helps you install belief in yourself and your
ability to really live your dream life.
Overall, what do I think?

I think the Main Manifestation Miracle EBook is very good at helping you to find out what you really want in life and more importantly what you want to be doing with your life. So I feel it is very goodfor a person who feels a bit lost and is seeking direction or some sort of guidance in their life.
In terms of The law of Attraction, it is referred to throughout the EBook with helpful advice and suggestions of how to apply it more successfully but I found it a bit surprising that it wasn’t really the main focus of the EBook. But I did like how it was based off real people’s regrets and therefore made it very applicable to real life.

Overall I would say Manifestation Miracle is a very practical and useful manual with the sole aim of helping you live a happier, more successfully, satisfied and abundant life. Therefore, I feel it was well worth my time reading it and I feel satisfied with my purchase.

I hope this review has helped,


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4 Easy Tips in using The Law of Attraction.

4 Tips In Using The Law Of Attraction

We have all heard of the now famous Law of Attraction but how many people really put this law to work?

And more importantly does Manifestation Miracle hold the key to finally unlocking your power to manifest using the law of attraction. The fundamental principle underlying this law is that – like energy attracts like energy. Everything in the universe is energy and the world we live in is made out of physical and non physical forms of energy that is all in a constant state of vibration. Some energy we can see and some energy we cannot see. For example the physical world of nature we can see and radio waves we cannot see.

But how do we use this understanding in our own life’s to manifest a miracle? Well, we need to understand that we as human beings are also energy and are vibrating at a certain frequency. Therefore, we are sending of waves of energy and depending on whether these waves are positive or negative, is going to determine what we attract. This is the missing link that you need to understand in order to manifest miracles in your own life. So you are already using the principles of the law of attraction in your own life, whether you are aware of it or not.

So now let’s look at how you do have the power to create your own reality and the power to start manifesting miracles in your life.

1. You are what you think

The first concept of manifestation miracle is, you are what you think. So we attract the things that we think about most often, regardless if you want them or not. We have approximately 60,000 thought a day, so the question is what are you focusing on? Are your thoughts focused on the things you desire, goals, dreams and how to manifest a miracle now in your life? An important point to note is that most of your thoughts are habitually and most people not aware of them. So it’s critical that you become aware of what you are thinking, your thoughts and your self-talk.

2. You are what you feel

The next valuable point is that, you are what you feel. This concept links very well into the first as your feelings are immediate feedback about the types of thoughts (positive or negative) you are having. So basicallygood thoughts vibrate at a higher frequency and bad thoughts vibrate at a lower frequency. Therefore, do what it takes to feel better. i.e., the more positive the thought, the better you will feel.

3. You are what you see

The third idea is, you are what you see. This is largely based on perception. So how you see yourself, others, your environment will to a certain degree control what you think and therefore what you attract. The best advice to apply this idea in your own life in to try and consciously look on the brighter side of life or list as many positive things you can about a person, thing or situation. This will help you to use miracle manifestation in a positive way and create you life you want.

4. You are what you vibrate

And finally the last tip from manifestation miracle to making the law of attraction work for you is, you are whatyou vibrate. So again like energy attracts like energy, which includes you, what you are transmitting out into the universe, will attract similar energies that are in harmony with your vibration. So the moment your mood starts to shift, your energy (or vibration frequency) will change accordingly, transmitting a different signal to the universe and ultimately change what you attract into your life.

10 secret traits of happy people and about Heather Mathews manifestation miracle.

In Heather Mathews Manifestation Miracle book, she states that the best way to create anything in your own life is to copy the model of someone who has succeeded before you. So the followingsecrets to true happiness have been used by truly happy people in the miracle course.

1. Stay away from negative people

Happy people always spend their time around other happy people. This will automatically give you a boost in energy (as you will be affected in a positive way by the other person’s vibration) helping your ability to make miracles manifest now. Therefore, it is very rare you will see happy people with negative people as they don’t feel comfortable together because their energetic vibrations do not match up.

2. Happy people are positive people

As stated in the miracle manifestation manual, happy people are very easy to spot. They smile, walk confidently, have a positive attitude and generally have something positive to say. They also have a peace and calmness about them and are free of worries.

3. Have a plan

In order to start the process, manifestation miracle, you will need to know what it is you really want. Therefore, having a goal or dream to be focussed on which is something that happy people have.Their life is filled with passion and purpose which is ultimately linked to their mission in life.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Happy people understand that there are some things in life you cannot change. Therefore, they focus on all the things that they can change and they do it by changing their thoughts, feelings, habits and attitudes. All these things will help you attract more good, positively and happinessinto your life.

5. Happy people adopt

The happiest people are the ones who can adopt when something doesn’t go according to plan. Theyface new changes and challenges with a positive outlook because they understand the final outcome will always be for their greater good.

6. Happy people see the good in everyone

It all starts with looking for the positive traits of every person you meet. Everyone has good andbad traits but the happiest people tend to focus on the positive ones and it makes them feel better about the world and the people in it.

7. Happy people laugh easily and often

The trick here is not to take life too seriously and look for the humour in everyday challenges and situations. One useful and practical tip this, a miracle course, gives you is to spend time with people that make you laugh or watch a funny film.

8. Happy people are happy with themselves

Happy people have spent the time and energy building their self esteem and self confidence so they feel very comfortable in their own skin. They are not too harsh or overly critical of themselves and strive to be their best but at the same time accept both their strengths and weaknesses. So the first step to been genuinely happy is to start being happy with who you are.

9. Take time out

The happiest people live a well balanced life as they spend time with family, friends and doing recreational activities that they find enjoyable. So you need to get the balance right between work, rest and play.

10. Happy people have a connection to a Higher Power

Happy people acknowledge and form a relationship to a higher power which is known as God, Life, The Universe or whatever term you choose. They use this higher power for guidance which gives them a sense of ease about life. But the most important point about happiness in manifestation miracle is that happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Thoughts on the Law of Attraction

I’ve just been reading an article over at the financial philosopher, which I thought gave a very interesting perspective on the Law of Attraction and I wanted to share it with you.

It is written by Kent Thune, who offers an interesting point of view that it doesn’t really make sense that an individual is fated to experience some tragedy or bad occurrence in their life just because of a negative act or
association to that individual.

Another interesting idea that Kent discusses is the idea of a self-fulfilling prophecy that is created due to our own attitude towards life. The basic concept been that if we have a positive attitude towards something, our positive thoughts, feelings and actions will play a factor in the eventual outcome.

I highly recommend you to read this article for it’s interesting perspective about the law of attraction and philosophical approach to life, to read the article Click here.

Law of Attraction pdf – A Review of the Law of Attraction pdf

There must be very little information for you to grasp if you have never made use of the law of attraction. This might take you further to wonder the reason that makes many people have such immense trust on these laws and how they benefit from that. Luckily enough, this article has a lot of information that will help come up with adequate answers to such queries. Make sure you have read through to get quality and relevant knowledge on the law of attraction pdf as well as all other details that you may yearn for.

To set off thgenesis Law of Attraction pdf A Review of the Law of Attraction pdfis review on a positive note, you have to first of all know what this law is and everything it stands for. This will form a good foundation for your research therefore you do not have to wish it away just like that. This law has been in use for a slight part of the traditional world but in the entire modern time. There have been many scientific proofs that this law has been around for more than that but nothing tangible has ever come out of that. In a nutshell, the law of attraction implies that things which have similar characteristics or resemble each other in many ways will always attract to each other.

Law of Attraction Law of Attraction pdf A Review of the Law of Attraction pdfTo explain that a little bit, it plainly means that if your actions and activities are done in a positive way then the results will be equally positive. It might seem to you as if this is mere hypothesis but you will come to recognize the truth behind that if you take the law into action. Many people have used the law in transforming their lives and manner of thinking which has seen them register success that would have been otherwise a pipe dream. That simply answers your question on why so many people are endeared to this law over any other.

The realistic implications in the lives of all these people speak volumes about how far they have come from grass to grace. That can encourage you into seeking the option at least once in your life therefore you need not keep wondering why this law attracts too many people. In simple terms, the law of attraction has the power and capacity to change one’s line of thinking and direct his or her attention to precise things and issues. Chances of diverting from the real course are limited and sometimes there are none which is the guiding principle for this law. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to seize off this law to benefit your own life and it is very simple.

You can set your own goals and objectives that you want realized by using the law of attraction pdf. This can be on social, financial and many other personal issues which are all achievable. It is not time for you to sit down and wonder why the law of attraction helps many people. You can join the fray and savor success as well like any other person.

Law of Attraction pdf – How to Apply

For many successful people in the world today, they have derived their secrets from the law of attraction which is very popular. Literally, this is the key and lock to the lives of many people and can be the same to you once you are determined. Remember that many decisions that people make in life are etched on the thoughts they harbor. According to many life experts, the thoughts that a person has will mostly determine his or her destiny in very many ways. This cannot be any different to you and that is why you need to understand very well what this law of attraction pdf is about.

As a result, this article will discuss the many ways in which the law can be applied to make it a success. First and foremost, you have to make a decision on what you are looking for in applying the law. This is the initial step in determining from the onset what to expect once the whole process is through. Make sure your determinations are concise and well informed on what your mind wants. Without this, your mission will be more of a flop and no reason to engage at all.

Some people make determinations thinking it’s a mere joke but you have to be fully aware of the fact that it’s a life shaping decision. Owing to that, go for something that your heart and mind is fully mindful about and not what other people tell you. This is an effective way of forestalling any frustrations in future. You should not make any changes, even if minor, once the application process has began to avoid committing errors. You should be bold enough to have a fully representative approach from the time you begin the application of the attraction law.

You will not be persecuted for seeking the help of your close friends on how to apply the law of attraction pdf. This has been a major challenge to many people who fear a backlash but you must have the confidence to take such a bold step. However, you must have a sober approach to this because not every person will offer you the necessary information that you will be out looking for. There are those who will be out to mislead you while others will not attach any seriousness to the issue. It is upon you to make a choice on who is the best person to consult and who not to get involved with.

To effectively apply this law, you must have a clear mind because that will be very crucial in ensuring your focus is never interrupted at all. Those hit and miss thoughts that keep on bringing you down should be dealt with accordingly to leave to it hat you enjoy your time to the maximum. Successful people never entertain useless thoughts in their lives and this should apply to your case. In general, you must learn about the best ways to etch out positives from the silence within you.

How to Use the Law of Attraction

Using the Law of Attraction

Now that you have an idea of what the law of attraction is, you need to go a step further and dig more information on how this law of attraction can be used in real life situations. There are people who still don’t believe that this law works and this article will answer their concerns fully. Apart from giving the attraction bit to human lives, the law of attraction pdf hugely impacts on the manner in which general life goes about for many people. You cannot be an exception in this therefore it is prudent that you read through to get fully informed appropriately. In general, the law can bring about abundance or scarcity in life which are the two main visible impacts of the law.


Raise your vibrations

This piece will discuss four main scenarios revolving around that and how the law can be used for your choice. Consider them accordingly and from that you can easily determine which suits you and if you have what it takes to consider the options.

Your friend can come to you with a business project proposal seeking financial or material support from your side.
That might be a daunting task for you to accomplish but the law of attraction will play a key role in making such a decision. As you will come to realize, that is an idea whose time has come, it is very much implementable and can be achieved but ultimately you opt out. See more on Manifestation Miracle



Law of Attraction and Love Relationships

The reason for you deciding not to help the person is informed by the principles if this law which are known to bring about success. Youwill realize that the person might snatch away customers from your business and as a success oriented person, you will easily back off.

That is how the law works

The other scenario to look at is when you are planning to start a new initiative for marketing and promoting your business. This is by far a very good and success aligned move which any person would die to have for his or her business. There will be discouragements if it is your initial attempt but this law will always be on your side. You will find it hard backing off from the plan and after all, your noble idea will prevail.

Picture this; you have started a new business and your many employees do not have enough office space.

What do you do?

Is it prudent to hire new offices? Well, that might be a good idea but obstacles will obviously come your way all the time. In real sense, that will be a big risk for your business but the law of attraction pdf will bring out the positive end of the move and encourage you to move on. You will have the determination to make it despite all the challenges.

Finally, you will have the idea of doing somebody a favor and it might be your wife, husband or even business partner.
By invoking this law, you will realize that the favor can be used to bargain for something beneficial